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London Olympic 2012: Southpark Legacy Masterplan

One Edge / Two Levels / Three Worlds

The Edge: A Continuous Active Line in the Landscape. The edge effect in ecology, the meeting of cultures, the tipping points: these ideas inspire the continuous linear feature that shapes the project and that we have called the Edge. An element of varying form, width and height, it forms a focus for activitity which is either enclosed by, ot takes place on the Edge. It serves many practical purposes, whilst at the same time emphasing and enhancing the existing nature of this site.

The Edge: Separating and Connecting. Like a looking glass, the edge belongs to two places: the world above and the worlds below . It separates and connects at the same time. Sometimes a semi permeable veil, like a mist it has a thickness but it is distinct – on one side of the edge you are in one world, on the other side in another. Like breaking through cloud on a plane, the passage between the worlds is a transformation of scale, managed to induce a sense of surprise at the transitions and gateway points.

The Edge: Varying Intensities and Reversing Activity. The Edge allows reversibility of activity and of ambiance– like the colourful lining to a classic coat. To see the park in a new light at night, a different landscape for galas or calm winter mornings. The contrasting animated spaces of the edge and the central calmer zone reverse when there are major events – like the corridors of the theatre buzzing at one moment, and calming as the stage lights up. Different intensities of activity will happen on or around the edge.

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