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Neues Bauhaus Museum Weimar

The new Bauhaus Museum Weimar is located at the intersection of multiple urban conditions: a new urban square that is orientated towards the town centre, the Weimarhallenpark, the Gauforum Exhibition Hall and Offices and the Wilhelminian blocks in the north.

The museum is a simple compact cubic volume, a perfect square in plan. By the simple architectural act of a 45 degree rotation, four distinct spaces on each side of the building are being created - each with its own unique character. From the Park, the building appears as a Pavilion, with the plaza becoming a viewing terrace, opening up views & connections to the Weimarhallenpark in the south. From the town centre, the new museum acts as a tower, creating a focal point on the new plaza which becomes a gate into the Park. The Redefinition of the new street edge along the Gauforum in conjunction with the sites for the future museum extension and the Kindergarten. The Closure of the Wilhelminian urban blocks to the north and the redefinition of the new traffic route edge. The museum positions itself as a new central hub - an urban icon for the city.

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